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Returns Policy

Under California law, it is illegal to return wines once sold except for a bottle that is “damaged, flawed, or deemed unsatisfactory”. Such return should be made with a minimum of 90 percent of the original contents along with the original cork. If the original cork has been damaged, you may use a different cork for closure but be sure to include the original Blackjack cork in any condition with the wine. Upon examination, we will replace or issue credit at our option. We regret we cannot honor what has become commonly known as an “email return” or by phone. UPS or Fed Ex are recommended if the wine cannot be returned in person but in any case, returns must be accompanied by the original receipt within 30 days of purchase.

All wine in our inventory is held in temperature controlled conditions from bottling to date of sale. That is as good as provenance gets. We regret that we cannot be responsible for wines older than five years from the latest vintage under any circumstances.

Wines purchased from a source other than the winery should be returned to place of purchase.

It should be noted that older red wines throw off sediment and that is perfectly natural. White wines that have been refrigerated may throw off crystal like tartrate deposits which are harmless.

We regret that we cannot be responsible for damage that occurs during transportation whether by car or common carrier. We will not ship wines without your authorization or when adverse weather comes to our attention. Any claims due to heat damage should be filed with the common carrier. The buyer has the option of requesting that wine be held for shipping at a more opportune time and we are delighted to offer that service year round.

All sales are final and we cannot cancel a legally executed transaction under any circumstances.

Wines shipped in accordance with a Sales and Shipping Agreement or with a High Roller Club Membership agreement returned to us by the carrier for lack of an adult signature will be held at the winery for pick up or reshipment at an additional fee.