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Harmonie 2001 - Gorgeous fully ripe low-yield fruit. Very dark color. Very well endowed, full-bodied and profoundly rich....more


Map and Driving Directions
Map and Directions
to Blackjack Ranch Vineyards and Winery


Roger and Asta

About Blackjack Ranch

Blackjack Ranch was established in March 1996 with a singular purpose, to produce world class wines of a caliber we'd be proud to share with our wine loving friends.

We're committed to that goal in every element of the winemaking process. Our estate vineyard was planted with the best available clones of Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Petit Verdot and Merlot. Every vine is grafted onto the three lowest yielding rootstocks, 420-A, 101-14, and 3309. Four acres are cultivated by hand on treacherously steep hillsides. Close spacing such as meter by meter and 5 by 5 forces the vines to work as hard as we do.

When it comes to purchasing fruit to compliment our winemaking program, we will only consider vineyards with a track record of superb quality established over a long period of years.

We spare no expense in seeking out the finest French Oak available for aging our wines, such as Remond, Sequin Moreau, Mercurie, Francois Freres, and Chalufour.. We use some of the most expensive and exquisite bottles, corks, labels and capsules available.

You will never see inexpensive mass production wines bearing the Blackjack Ranch label. If you would appreciate our unending commitment to produce world class wines, it would be an honor to have our wines included in your cellar.

Roger Wisted